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This website has been designed specifically for the resellers of Barton Storage Systems product range. The site uses state of the art technology to ensure that your customers have a pleasant and professional ordering experience.

Product Content

The site is fully loaded with the Barton Storage 2017 catalogue content.
This means that you can search by product type, Barton part code or by using the unique A-Z listing. All prices are identical to the Barton 2017 catalogue.


This brand new 2017 site can be customised in the following ways:

  • Branded in-line with your company letterhead, logos telephone number and domain name.
  • Sell prices can be modified by one of your team to suit the market that you serve.
  • Discounts can be set-up to match your business requirements.
  • Shipping charges can be amended to correspond with your current company working practices.
  • Line items can be archived and recovered (for example when a product has a long lead time).
  • Adverts can be added to the site to enable you to promote your special offers

IMPORTANT: No other website will look identical to yours once on-line. The product content will be the same but sell prices, and the look and feel will be unique to your company.

E Commerce

E commence functionality is already built into this software.
However it has to be modified to suit your day to day business requirements and this customisation has to be modified with your business in mind.

The functionality of the site can best be described in 3 ways:

1. Search for a product and use in conjunction with the Barton Storage Systems catalogue. This will allow your customers to find the products quicker and for you to process their orders quicker.

2. The site can be configured to enable your customers to place order directly onto your website, with or without the aid of the Barton Storage catalogue. The orders that the customers place on the website will be e mailed to your sales office and you can process the orders as you do with your orders today. Once the customers have placed their order to you, you will then have electronic tracking of all orders placed to you. The big advantage is that you can then forward your electronic order directly to Barton Storage Systems.

3. The full e-commerce option will give you all of the above with the additional functionality, allowing your customers to pay for the goods at the time of placing their order. Without naming the big on-line retailers, you will be able to offer the same service as they currently provide.


This website will open new doors for your existing and potential customers. Designed in a way that will allow you to continue processing orders as you currently do so not having to change your order entry systems.
However, the opportunity to streamline your sales order processing is now available, and this means a much more enriched customer experience, which usually leads to more sales, and with a more efficient ordering system between you and Barton Storage Systems - more profit.